Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Dragon Prince's Letter to his Father

This is a graphic adaptation of a story I read from Cyril Wong's Let Me Tell You Something About That Night. It is an amazing collection of "adult fairytales", and i would recommend it to everyone (except for kids). Be warned that like real life, not all fairy tales end "happily ever after". Like the stories in the book, most stories often end with "it sucks but you lived your life as best as you could" or "where do we go from here?"

This is an 18-page work in progress and i will update the pages as they come. I estimate that the story will be completed around July, though i hope to be able to finish this sooner. If you like it, please pay tribute to Cyril when you see meet him :) he really is an inspiring writer. Cynical... but inspiring heh heh.

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