Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Dragon Prince's Letter to his Father

This is a graphic adaptation of a story I read from Cyril Wong's Let Me Tell You Something About That Night. It is an amazing collection of "adult fairytales", and i would recommend it to everyone (except for kids). Be warned that like real life, not all fairy tales end "happily ever after". Like the stories in the book, most stories often end with "it sucks but you lived your life as best as you could" or "where do we go from here?"

This is an 18-page work in progress and i will update the pages as they come. I estimate that the story will be completed around July, though i hope to be able to finish this sooner. If you like it, please pay tribute to Cyril when you see meet him :) he really is an inspiring writer. Cynical... but inspiring heh heh.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Speaking in Volume

A book cover for an interview book released by a local ex-DJ who interviewed tons of icons in the regional Chinese music industry. This was a slightly exhausting but fun project that i worked on.

Follow That Star

A quickie flyer design for a concert. I hardly get to try minimalism, so i was a happy camper when i got this job! :D

Beauty World

I did publicity materials for the grand local musical Beauty World. But for brevity's sake, the programme design will suffice in showing you the general direction we went with. I worked with an Art Director Alan Seah on this project with photography by Mark Law.

Asian Boys Vol. 3

This was for a local play Asian Boys Vol.3. A booklet designed to look like a published novel given the nature of the play which was inspired by an actual novel.

Dim Sum Dollies - The History of Singapore

Publicity materials for the Dim Sum Dollies show


Ident Graphics for DYMK, a local cafe/bar. I liked that I could afford to be a little more fun in the design because the cafe's concept was rather fun!

A6 Future

I was one of those privileged enough to have been invited to participate in the A6 Postcard project, a collaboration between Singapore-based and UK-based illustrators. Basically, each of us had to ask a question about the future in the form of half an illustration on a postcard and send it to another illustrator who would answer it with another illustration on the remaining half.

The coloured visual is the postcard i sent out to be answered while the black and white visual is the question I received and answered.

Find out more (and see all the final postcards) here:


Programme for a children's play. This was not actually printed on newsprint. the newsprint paper was scanned in so the final piece would look like a newspaper when it's folded. the full size folded out is A3. The thing I love about Players Theatre is that they have a lot of heart and ingenuity put into telling their selected stories without always needing to do what is expected of children's theatre :D
check their shows out at:

Oh, the awesome illustrations are by Sonny Liew!


Although I am officially trained as a Graphic Designer, I have made most of my living as a storyboard artist / visualiser. For this I am most grateful to the film/video production and advertising industries :) I know I'm not the best storyboard artist around, but i was told that I'm one of the fastest for those 'I-need-a-miracle' jobs heh... But of course, the person who told me that was trying to butter me up for a discount...

Vector Art

These are various vector art pieces for brochure and magazine usage. I really never thought much of them until I put them all together... it looks pretty good as a collection heh :)

Film Catalog Visuals

These are a few years old, some spot "posters" i did for a film company for their brochure. It was pretty fun for a commercial job since they pretty much gave me a lot of freedom to propose whatever i thought was appropriate for each film. It gave me a chance to try many different types of illustration styles that I always wanted to try!


here are some sample pages from the short story i contributed for Liquid City Vol. 2. I am totally thrilled about this project as it has always been a long-time dream of mine to break into the comics industry. Well, you heard it here first - my big comic book debut :) Here's hoping there will be more opportunities to come!

Find out more about Liquid City Vol. 1 here: