Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Apocalypse LIVE! (illustration)

Isn't this a kickass piece :D Sadly i can't claim complete credit for it as my partner-in-crime Koey did the colouring. But it's one of those fun collaborations that worked out so well it gets me excited every time i look at this heh

The Duel (Illustration)

Experimenting with my new found style again. Wanted this for a print series but things didn't fly. Nearly there, nearly there.... :)

OIC 3rd Anniversary Silkscreen series (Illustration)

I designed these for the OIC Anniversary Silkscreen series. Quite like all of them and will probably use the rejected ones for my own. Oh, the girl with birds was chosen btw :) Saw it being made into a great tee! Must go down and get one made for myself heh heh...

Berrylite Fiction (Illustration)

The Publicity/Display Poster I illustrated and designed for Berrylite, a local Hollywood-themed Yogurt shop. I thought of the most iconic movie poster in Hollywood (that I like) and came up with this heh heh... Hope the powers that be see it as flattery :)

This is an illustration for a commercial job, but I've been experimenting with the style for my own personal works too. guess you could say first it's the first project that I've managed to incorporate my own personal style (That i've only recently discovered btw) so Power to me! More to come hopefully...

The Peranakan Ball 2007 & 2008 (Illustration)

Here are the two previous years' illustrations for The Peranakan Ball (for 2007 & 2008)

The Peranakan Ball 2009 (Illustration)

This is the 3rd year I've worked on illustrating for the The Peranakan Ball (Will be posting up the other 2 illustration). And it has been a blast! really gives my vector skills a good workout. As always, the illustration is mainly for the invitation card and it designed with a layer of gold hotstamping in mind. This main title text was rejected and replaced with a more conventional typeface, but i prefer this version :)